Thursday, April 1, 2010

Winchester Wins the Lottery

What's all that stuff?

Toys! I found them in The Writer's office. They were in corners and under desks and stuff.

Yeah, The Writer is renovating her office. The whole room is one big mess.

And she's one big grouch.

The Writer is having a hard time working in there. She needs order.

She's not a very good housekeeper. Look at all the loot I found.

You can't play with all those toys at once.

Watch me. First I bat the red ball, then I throw the white mouse down the stairs. Then I drop the green mouse in The Writer's Husband's shoe . . .

Didn't anybody teach you about sharing?

Why should I share? They're mine. Oh, no. Don't give me that sad no-eyed stuffed animal look.

[Ellsworth stares silently.]

All right! You can have this bald mouse. But only for ten minutes and then I want it back.

Never let it be said you aren't the soul of generosity.