Monday, March 1, 2010

Winchester Goes to the Dentist, Part I

Wiiiiinchesssster! It's tiiiiiime.

No! Nononononononono!

Stop acting like a two-year-old. Everybody has to go to the dentist.

You don't.

I don't even have a mouth, much less teeth. Today won't be so bad. The nice technician lady will draw blood--


--and look at your mouth and tell The Writer how many hundreds and hundreds of dollars it will cost to clean your teeth.

I hope it costs so much The Writer has to sell her car! Take out a second mortgage on the house! And she'll have to wear the same old clothes until they rot and fall off her because she won't be able to afford any more!

And then Wednesday you'll go have your teeth cleaned. Your teeth and gums will feel better and your breath won't knock over Bigfoot like it does now.

Wednesday, huh? Then I have time to run away and find a family that won't insult me.


laurasalas said...

Oh, poor Winchester. I hope everything goes smoothly and you come out smelling like a rose (always a happy alternative to having your breath knock over Bigfoot!).

Jennifer Major said...

I'm with Winchester!! The Dentist is for the birds.

ellsworth said...

Poor Winchester! He has allergies and managed to get the dentist appointment postponed until he gets better. We will have to put up with his awful breath a while longer . . .