Friday, December 18, 2009

Winchester's Christmas List

What're you doing?
Writing my letter to Sandy Claws.

Looks like quite a list.

Yeah, I'm doing my part for the economy so I put on a lot of high-end ticket items.

Self-cleaning Litter Robot, $300? Cedar Duplex Cat House with Porch and Deck, $479?

Gotta love a self-cleaning litter box. And I can entertain on the porch in the spring and barbeque on the deck in the summer.

Ruby Necklace designed by Dorothy Bauer, $80?

Well, red is my color.

Lotus Zen Cat Tree, $294?

To get in touch with my inner self. Ommmmm.

Oak Kitty Gym, $900?

I have to stay in shape, you know.

Winchester, you have thousands of dollars of stuff on this list! Aren't you just a little greedy?

It's only what I deserve.

At least "Sandy Claws" probably won't receive your letter. It's pretty late for mail to arrive at the North Pole.

Sandy Claws doesn't live at the North Pole. He lives in Christmas, Florida, where any self-respecting cat would live. Meowy Christmas!

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