Friday, December 11, 2009

Deck the Cat, Fa-la-la-la-la-la

Last Sunday The Writer wanted a "Christmas portrait" for her userpic on LinkedIn and her other blog. So she put on that ridiculous elf hat and rammed that too-tight jester collar around my neck and The Writer's Husband took pictures. I thought that would be the end of it.

You should know better by now.

I should! Yesterday when The Writer called me from a nice snoozy nap on her sweatshirt, I should have known she wanted to take my picture again.

But she shook the bag of Picnic Crunch Party Mix . . .

. . . can't resist my kibble of choice. [Sigh] Next thing I knew she jammed that Santa hat on my head. Then she couldn't decide if my right ear or left ear should peek out. She had on the weirdest slippers--with reindeer heads on them!

Those slippers were sent by a close friend. The Writer loves them.

Truth? I like rubbing my jaw against that soft red fur. ANYway, after we got done, The Writer asked me what she should do with this leftover pointsettia garland. I told her she should wrap herself up in it! Hee-hee!

Fortunately for you people don't always understand cat-talk.

Oh, she understood me, all right. "Deck the cat!" If I was bigger, I'd do some decking myself!

Don't be so grumpy. I think you look very festive.

I do, don't I?


Becky said...

Adorable as usual, Winchester!

ellsworth said...

*Becks! I've missed you! Happy Holidays!*