Thursday, November 26, 2009

Winchester's Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, Winchester! You've been invited to sit at the Big Table with the grown-ups this year!

About time. I'm tired of that dinky old cardtable we're always stuck at.

Look how pretty it is! The Writer is using her favorite Friendly Village dishes, with the special silverware with inspiration words on the handles, like "Grow," "Dream," "Create"--

Is there a spoon that says "Chow Down?"

--and those are The Writer's husband's mother's goblets from the 1920s and the silver napkin rings belonged to The Writer's husband's grandmother. She decorated with vintage postcards and old photographs. There's a tintype of The Writer's stepfather's father . . .

Who cares about all those dead people? Where's the turkey?

There you go.

That's not the roast turkey I smell! This stuff is cold and slimy.

The big turkey is still in the oven. You're eating deli turkey.

Lunch meat on Thanksgiving Day?

Yeah, but it came from that uber tony grocery store, Wegman's.

Since when do you use words like uber and tony?

The Writer leaves Vanity Fair in the bathroom. Eat your turkey.

Do you mind? Nobody likes to be stared at while they dine.


jama said...

Meow! Please tell The Writer that I also have Friendly Village dishes, and that this is getting spookier and spookier. We also have turkey lunchmeat in the fridge at this very minute.

ellsworth said...

Eek! We could just swap houses! The Writer wants to know if you have Old Country Roses china, too.

jama said...

YES! I have a teaset in Old Country Roses, which I had purchased in England years ago. You don't also have Franciscan Apple dishes, too? I inherited a set from my mother.

ellsworth said...

Why is The Writer not surprised? She doesn't have Apple but Desert Rose Franciscan! (She didn't inherit any dishes, only the gene to buy dishes). Shall we run Fiestaware up the flagpole?