Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ellsworth's Day at KidLitCon 2009

Get up!

Nooo, let me sleep. I got in very late last night. After the conference, there was a cocktail party and then dinner . . . I think I had one too many Pink Elephants.

I know for a fact you were home by six o'clock. You mumbled something about being the very first one to blog about the conference, then fell in bed.

It was a long day, anyway. Going to conferences is hard work!

Aw, I bet you're worn out from giving all those pawtographs.

Some people were glad to see me! Miss Rumphius was there, and Jama from Jama Rattigan's Alphabet Soup and Mary Lee from A Year of Reading and Pam from MotherReader . . .

Did anyone ask about me? Huh, did they? I'm the more famous one in this blog.

But our blog is named after me. Yeah, a few people wanted to know about you. The Writer put up your picture on the table with her books. See? Oh! And I met Cornelius from Jama Rattigan's blog. We hung out together. He just came back from Hawaii and was sort of jet-lagged but we still--

Okay! Okay! Sheesh. It's all about you, isn't it?

Yeah, for once! Tee-hee.


jama said...

Hi again, Ellsworth! Do not get jealous, Winchester. Someday the Writer might take you to a feline conference, where you'll be the cat's whiskers. Meanwhile, I do think bears and elephants make good friends . . .

♥, Cornelius

Mary Lee said...

Give Winchester a good petting from me and let him know that I'd love to meet HIM next time!

ellsworth said...

Oh, dear, I've already messed up. As a good blogger I should have replied to each comment as they came in. Well, this will have to do.

Cornelius! It was great hanging out with you! An elephant could always use a new friend.

Mary Lee, Winchester gets plenty of petting, but he's always happy to have more.

*Cornelius--good idea. I think I'll enter myself in a cat show!*

*Mary Lee--ahhh! Thanks!*

ReadingTub said...

Oh, Ellsworth! By the time I got back to see you at meet The Author, it was too late ... not an elephant's memory, I'm afraid!

ellsworth said...

That's okay . . . I saw you! I got a little tired after the Meet the Author event and The Writer let me take a nap in the car.