Monday, May 25, 2009

Winchester Sues The Writer

What's that paper you've got?

A summons to appear in court. I'm suing The Writer.

For what?

Mental cruelty. Involuntary lock-up. Catnapping.

Oh, for heaven's sake. You've were boarded three and a half days and that was two weeks ago. Why can't you sulk like other cats and then get over it?

It's a matter of principle. I know my rights. I hope the judge throws the book at The Writer.

"Throws the book." Ha-ha! Very funny!

At the very least I should get a nice chunk of change from this lawsuit. That should pay for the hours of emotional anguish.

You've been watching too many re-runs of Law and Order. And isn't a sheriff's deputy supposed to issue a summons?

They were all busy. I might sue you too since you went with her on that little vacation.

Your case is full of holes, Winchester. The judge will toss it out.

See you in court!


____Maggie said...

Welcome to the Southern Reading Challenge Ellsworth! I look forward to Winchester's commentary?!? ;D

ellsworth said...

Winchester will be busy preparing for his big court case. The Writer is reading and reviewing the Southern novels on her blog, Under the Honeysuckle Vine.