Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Winchester Smells a Rat

Did you see what happened yesterday? There I was, taking my early afternoon nap, when I was rudely snatched up by The Writer and stuffed in the cat carrier!

Stuffed is right. I thought she'd have to use a battering ram to get you in it.

And then we went to the vet's! The Writer even had the nerve to take my picture there. I got two shots and that blasted thermometer. And the vet said I need to lose another half a pound! What was up with all that?


You know something, don't you? Spill!

Well, the vet's wasn't the only place The Writer went to yesterday. She also visited the new SPCA facility.

Special Treatment for Cat Association?

No, SPCA. Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Somebody finally blew the whistle and turned her in!

Actually, she dropped off a donation of cat food.

Giving away precious food! That is cruel. But wait--what's that got to do with taking me to the vet's? Is she thinking about sending me to that place? Tell me, Ellsworth. I have to know!

My lips are sealed.

You don't even have any lips.


TamraW said...

Oh! Noooooo, the writer wouldn't do THAT??

Would she??

ellsworth said...

Ah . . . something is a'paw, though. Stay tuned . . .

*I don't like this one little bit!*

laurasalas said...

Awww...Capt. Jack Sparrow (our beagle) has a vet appt next week, so he'll be able to commiserate on shots and thermometers (ouch).

I'm sure The Writer only did it for your own good:>)

ellsworth said...

Love your dog's name! He sounds like a handful, sort of like Winchester.

*I resemble that remark!*