Friday, May 15, 2009

Winchester Goes to Jail

I knew something was fishy when they dragged me to the vet last week! The Writer got out that horrible cat carrier again. But I didn't go easy. It took two men and a boy to capture me and get me in that thing. And where did they take me this time?

Jail!!! Lock-up! I am behind bars!

It's so humiliating. A tiny cell with a rag for a bed, a stainless steel bowl of water (I miss my Garfield bowl), and a disgusting, way too small toilet in the same room. No privacy to do my business.

Oh, the humanity! I am not a crook! I'm innocent, I tell you! It's a frame-up!

Ellsworth, where are you? Get me out of here! Bring me a catfood cake with a file in it. Ellsworth? Ellsworth?

[Ah, this is the life. I'm so glad The Writer and her husband took me with them on their 30th anniversary trip.]

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