Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Writer Needs a Wardrobe Makeover

Will you look at this hideous thing? It's a disgrace.

That's The Writer's favorite sweater. She wears it every Easter and to spring school visits. What's wrong with it?

Stacy London and Clinton Kelly would scream if they saw this on their show What Not To Wear. This sweater would be the first thing they'd throw in the trashcan.

What do you know about that TV show? We don't even have cable.

I saw a little when I was at Becky's Book Reviews (yes, Becky Laney actually watches television). This sweater is BRIGHT pink and has strings of blue and pink pearls, appliqued carrots and eggs, appliqued bunnies with fluffy tails, and buttons covered with seed beads. The Writer is not seven, she's fifty--
A gentlemen never reveals a lady's age.

Anyway, Stacy and Clinton would tell her to wear bootcut jeans, jackets nipped in at the waist, pencil skirts, and knife-point spike heels.

Winchester, The Writer sits in her office all day, alone. Why should she dress up? And when she visits schools, she often has to stretch cables for her equipment or sit on the floor with children. A pencil skirt and pointed-toe high heels aren't very practical.

All right. Let The Writer stay dowdy. Don't say I didn't warn her.


TamraW said...

Awww - I like the sweater! Besides, how will I ever find the writer in a crowded restaurant, if she isn't wearing pink??

ellsworth said...

The Writer remembers how you spotted her at the NESCBWI conference years ago! The conference is this weekend--she wishes she could go and see you guys again.

*I wish she'd go, too. She's been grouchy lately.*

laurasalas said...

Ha! It's the perfect "teacher sweater." The kids must love it--well, the younger kids, anyway. The older kids probably agree more with Clinton and Stacy:>)

I'm with you on the pointy shoes!