Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Winchester Moves Back Home

You're back!


When did you get home? What happened? Did you like it at Becky's blog?

Becky is really nice. She fed me way better kibble than what I get here. And she made me Head Book Reviewer, but--

But what?

She found out I can't read any words besides "the," "cat," and "food." So I came home.

Did you tell her goodbye properly?

I gave her a great big wet nose-kiss. We're cool. It's all good between me'n Becks.

I could teach you to read. Then you could review books for real if you want--

Could you keep it down? I'm watching "Monarch of the Glen" and this is the good part.

Welcome home.


TamraW said...

Wet nose kisses are the best!

ellsworth said...

You haven't been *swiped* by Winchester's big nose!