Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Winchester Is Down in the Dumps

Hey, how come you're hiding in the corner of The Writer's office?

I don't know. I feel kind of blah.

What's wrong?

The Writer has this new blog. You know what that means. Nobody will ever hear from us again.

I know about the new blog, Under the Honeysuckle Vine. The Writer told me she's going to keep up both blogs. Maybe only post once a week on ours. After all, you have fans out there.

Maybe The Writer will forget about the new blog the way she did that other one, Books! Books! She has her whims.

No, I really think she's going to keep up Under the Honeysuckle Vine. Remember when I said she was reorganizing her priorities this year? Well, this is part of it. Look on the bright side--you won't have to wear those ridiculous hats so often.

Yeah. I guess.

Now what?

The Writer got a postcard in the mail yesterday. From the vet. It has a picture of a yellow tabby on the front. The yellow tabby looks serious, like Uncle Sam in those old "We Want You!" posters. On the back it says, "Wincheter's vaccinations are due." Rabies and distemper shots! Could my life get any worse?

I think you have a touch of March Madness.



Becky said...

Poor Winchester :(

ellsworth said...

Look, Winchester! Becky is here!

*Becks? Is that you? Take me to your house where I'll be properly appreciated.*

Oh, for heaven's sake....

ReadingTub said...

Winchester, Ellsworth ... tell me you can keep a good mood down when there's the sweet smell of honeysuckle. oh, yum!

ellsworth said...

Winchester's favorite smells are Friskies, IAMs, Purina . . . the fragrance of flowers are wasted on his big nose.

TamraW said...

Winchester, I think you'd be a natural at school visits!

No worries about that other blog - you have fans! I even have people writing me to find out what happened to you!

ellsworth said...

No worry--he's never far from his food dish . . . or his big dog bed he doesn't want anybody to know is a dog bed.