Friday, March 27, 2009

Poetry Friday, Dorothy Aldis

We haven't done Poetry Friday in months. Winchester and I decided to do it today, but he's nowhere around. Hmmmm. Well, I'll post myself. Today's selection is from a collection of poetry I found on The Writer's shelves. It's called Everything and Anything by Dorothy Aldis (1925).

"Night and Morning"

The morning sits outside afraid
Until my mother draws the shade;

Then it bursts in like a ball,
Splashing sun all up the wall.

Andn the evening is not night
Until she's tucked me in just right
And kissed me and turned out the light.

Oh, if my mother went away
Who would start the night and day?

(I don't suppose Winchester went away? No--he never gets too far from his food dish.)


Fiddler said...

Ellsworth, please tell Candace we are big fans of her Time Spies books!

Thanks for posting the poem--I think my children feel the same way, and I cherish every moment of it, as I know it won't last forever.

ellsworth said...

Thanks, Fiddler! The Writer is happy to know your children enjoy the Time Spies books.

*They like me best, I bet.*

That family has dogs, Winchester. Not everyone is a cat fan.

Fiddler said...

Winchester, we love cats, too. The kids would gladly have a house full of cats and dogs if the (supposedly) grown up persons living in the house would allow it.

ellsworth said...

The Writer used to be that way, too. Funny, now she talks about just having a goldfish...

laurasalas said...

Gorgeous! That second couplet is perfect. Thanks for sharing it.

ellsworth said...

The Writer and I love Dorothy Aldis. We see some other people quoting her poetry on Poetry Friday, too.