Monday, December 1, 2008

Winchester's New Column: Kibbles and Bits

Hello, devoted followers. You finally have your wish--I have my very own column. The Writer started a second blog, so boring old Writing Mondays are gone. Be prepared for witty, thought-provoking posts, sprinkled with wisdom, topped by sparkling photos of Yours Truly.

Gag! Is this what your column is going to be like? One long, toot-your-own-horn?

What are you doing here, Ellsworth?

Giving you a taste of your own medicine. You're forever butting in my posts.

Only because your stories are so dull. They need the Winchester Touch.

Is this what we can expect in the way of "sparkling photos?" Where are you anyway?

I'm in the second bunk of my cat tree in The Writer's office. The Writer's Husband bought me this wonderful fluffy, puffy warm bed. It's a little big, though . . .

Because it's a dog bed. You're sleeping in a dog bed. Hee-hee!

A dog bed! Now I have the topic for this first post. Why are there no fluffy, puffy cat beds? Have you been to the pet store lately? The best products are for dogs. We cats should demand equal beds! And . . .


I'll think of some more stuff after my nap. All this column business has made me tired.


Becky said...

I love the picture, Winchester!

ellsworth said...

*I told Ellsworth it was a good picture! This proves it! Thanks, Becks.*

Don't call her Becks--her name is Becky!