Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ellsworth's Dare

Look, it snowed last night. Our first snow of the year.

A half inch. Still, it's pretty. The Writer opened the window. She does that sometimes to air out the bedroom.

Yeah . . . I smell me some squirrels!

Hmmm. The screen latches are loose. Help me push the screen up. There! How brave are you?

I swiped The Writer's Husband's chicken leg off the table last night. The Writer said I was cruising. That was pretty brave. What are you thinking?

Go outside, Winchester. You've always wanted to. Step out the window. You'll be in the snow!

And on the roof! Are you crazy?

Dare you.

Never let it be said I turned down a dare. Okay . . . one paw is out. Wow!! This stuff is COLD! The other paw . . . my left hind foot . . . Whoa! Ellie! I'm sliding down the roof!

Grab my hand! Don't pull me outside--you're back safe and sound.

I nearly slid off the roof! And this is a two-story house! Satisfied I can take a dare?

Yeah. But you looked so funny scrambling around out there.

Next time I'll think up a dare for you. My feet are freezing. I'm going to sit by the heater.

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