Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Writer's New Blog: Book! Book!

Years after she originally set it up, The Writer has finally activated her LiveJournal account. She told me she wants to say things herself and so she has her own blog.

What about us?

Just wait . . . The new blog is called "Book! Book!", a term used in Appalachia in the olden days. Teachers would stand at the door of their one-room schoolhouse and call, "Book! Book!" until they got a bell.

Book! Book! will be more personal and more writerly, as she says. The column "Writing Monday" on our blog will be discontinued and--are you ready, Winchester?--will be replaced with "Winchester's Kibbles and Bits."

My very own column! Oh, boy! I'm going to get busy right now on my new op-ed!

And you can find The Writer's new blog on LiveJournal. But don't forget most of the action still takes place here.

Dear cats of America . . . remember the Million Mom March a few years ago? Well, suppose we got a million cats to go to DC . . .

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