Friday, November 7, 2008

Poetry Friday: Rachel Field

Rachel Field is one of The Writer's favorite children's poets. She will pay tribute to Ms. Field's work this November. Field is best known for her 1930 Newbery-winning book Hitty, Her First Hundred Years. Rachel Lyman Field was born in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, educated at Radcliffe, then split her year between New York and Maine.
Those are the facts, but Rachel Field was a joyous spirit who wrote poetry, children's books, and books for adults. She even illustrated, with cut-outs, a little book of poetry called The Pointed People.

The Writer wishes she could have known Rachel Field. She believes they would have been good friends. Here is a poem The Writer found in a children's reader, Friendly Stories, a Work-Play Book (1930--The Writer is convinced those older children's readers were more about play than work and were much more interesting than her Dick and Jane books).

Elf Buttons
by Rachel Field

If ever I should find
An Elf button bright,
I'd sew it on my coat
With strong thread and tight,
I wouldn't take it off--
Not even at night,
For there'd be no telling
When that wee Elf might
Come for to whisk it
Out of my sight.
But if he did,
I'd tell him true--
"Wherever that button goes


Becky said...

I love Hitty! Thanks for sharing this poem :)

ellsworth said...

I will probably be doing a post on Hitty on Vintage Wednesday some time soon. Not too many of us toys get our own books! And Hitty is way cool.

jama said...

Wonderful poem! I'm looking forward to the Writer's Hitty post :).

ellsworth said...

Maybe this winter--Hitty is one of those sink-down-into-winter-day books.