Friday, October 31, 2008

Winchester Goes Trick or Treating

Oh, boy! Isn't all spooky out here?

It's five-thirty. Still daylight.

Yeah, but it's Halloween...and we have on matching hats, almost. You can't pull off the orange hair like I can.

Orange clashes with my complexion. Pick a house and ring the doorbell.

We have to do this scientifically. According to this article I read, you can tell by some houses what you'll get.

What do you mean?

Like that house over there. They've got a nice old-fashioned jack o'lantern in the window. They probably give out fruit roll-ups or bags of sunflower seeds. You want a house that'll dish out great goodies.

What about that one? They have plastic pumpkins on the porch, flashing pumpkin lights, ghost webs in the trees, and a big spider over the front door.

Good scouting, Ellie. They're really into the tacky side of Halloween so they'll probably give out the best stuff! [rings doorbell] Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!

Where'd you learn that?

The Internet. Hold your bag open. Here it comes! Wait a minute! What's this junk?

Hershey bars, milk and dark chocolate. And those new caramel apple Hershey's Kisses. Yum.

You mean yuck! Where's the Fancy Feast kibble? Where are the super-size bags of Pounce? I've been robbed!

Where'd you learn that?

From this old Charlie Brown TV show. This is the last time I'm going trick or--

Happy Halloween, everybody!

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