Friday, October 17, 2008

Poetry Friday

The Writer's favorite holiday was Halloween. She checked out this book over and over, Heigh Ho for Halloween by Elizabeth Hough Sechrist, with illustrations by Guy Fry (1948). The book is an anthology of stories, plays, poems, games, and parties.

The Writer longed to give a Jack O'Lantern Party with homemade invitations, and games like Name the Jack O'Lantern, Race the Raisins, the Peanut Hunt, and the Jack O'Lantern Dance. But she never could because--

--she didn't have any friends. All right, already. Get on with the poem.

This is one of Miss Sechrist's own scribblings. And thanks Becky for hosting Poetry Friday!

Poor Ghost!

What a lonely ghost is he,
Wandering where he cannot see,
Wanting, weary, to recline,
Craving desperately to dine,
Longing to be friend, too--
But none of these things can he do.

He is just a shade, you see,
No matter what he tries to be.
Apparition on the wall--
Just as shadow, that is all.

Elizabeth Hough Sechrist
I know just how he feels . . . craving desperately to dine.
You just ate breakfast!

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