Friday, October 10, 2008

Poetry Friday

October is The Writer's favorite month, so all of our Poetry Friday offerings for the next few weeks will reflect fall-ish, witch-y, pumpkin-y, ghostie things.

Brraa-aah, aah, aah!

That's a pretty feeble monster imitation.

What do you expect? I had to use my purring muscles.

This week's poem is by Walter de la Mare who once said, "Only the rarest kind of best in anything can be good enough for the young." His poetry is widely appreciated by grown-ups, too.

The Hare

by Walter de la Mare

In the black furrow of a field
I saw an old witch-hare this night;
And she cocked a lissome ear,
And she eyed the moon so bright,
And she nibbled of the green;
And I whispered, "Whsst! witch-hare,"
Away like a ghostie o'er the field
She fled and left the moonlight there.

The gorgeous art is a mixed media piece by Carry Akroyd. Anastasia Suen is serving up all the wonderful Poetry Friday fare at Picture Book of the Day.

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