Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Winchester Goes Back to the Vet

Hee-hee! Look at you! It took The Writer and her husband all their might to push you in the carrier.

That's because I'm the strongest cat in the world.

No, it's because you barely fit in the carrier. You wouldn't be in this fix if you'd stopped sneezing like I told you.

How can you stop sneezing? You got a sneeze inside--it has to come out, you dumb sack of stuffing.

You're just grumpy because you have to go to the vet. Your vet is very nice. She knows what's best for you.

Yeah, like that thermometer . . .

The Writer says you have blackheads on your chin!! Just like a teenager. She'll have to get Stridex pads and Clearasil.

Can I help it I have raging hormones? I'm still a teenager.

According to the people/cat age chart you're 44!

You got a pair of wirecutters? I'm out of here!

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