Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vintage Wednesday

Wednesday again and that means a fresh old book. I found this on the bottom shelf of one of The Writer's bookcases. Since it's still September and going back to school is a fairly new experience, I want to share The Magic Bus. It's a Wonder Book "With Washable Covers"--an antiseptic answer to Golden Books. The Writer had a lot of inexpensive books when she was a kid: Golden Books, Wonder Books, Elf Books, Tell-a-Tale Books, usually begged for--and purchased at--People's Drug Store or Grand Union grocery store.

The Magic Bus has a bright blue green cover with a rubbery-looking bus sailing above the clouds. Its passengers look excited and who wouldn't be? The story was written by Maurice Dolbier and published in 1948. The delightful illustrations were rendered by Tibor Gergely. Jenny, the old-fashioned bus, happily drives passengers from Boston to New York. Then bigger and faster buses put Jenny out to pasture. One day all the big fast buses are filled and Jenny is called into service. A curious boy pushes a gold button on the dashboard that Jenny's driver had never seen before. And the bus is off on a magical adventure!

There is nothing old-fashioned about The Magic Bus. Any child of today would enjoy the story and Gergely's illustrations. Too bad little books like these aren't being published any more.

Look at you, using words like "antiseptic" and "rendered." Aren't we Miss Smarty Pants?

Anyone can read the dictionary.

Can I pick out the Wednesday book sometimes?

Maybe. If you're good.

So much for that idea.

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