Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vintage Wednesday

Hello, everybody (both of you)! Welcome to my new column, Vintage Wednesday. Every Wednesday (well, maybe I'll miss a few--life does get in the way), I'll review a vintage children's book: picture books, storybooks, fiction, nonfiction, and even old books on children's literature.

Today we're going to look at a new series The Writer has recently discovered: Lolly Pop Books.

These books are 3" x 4," a little bigger than the miniature Golden Books (2" x 2") and cute as a speckled pup. They are just the right size for me! They were published by John Martin's House in Kenosha, WI. The Writer has 7 of these little gems and at $10 a pop, she won't be collecting them all. One title has a plain paper spine, but the others have a red paper spine sprinkled with little lollipops.

The stories are charming, with text on the left side and illustrations on the other. No credit to author or illustrator. This is the opening from Some Day:

Some day I'll ride the escalators till the escalators stop.
Some day my sister Jane and I will own a candy store
and when we eat up all our stock, why then we'll make some more.

The Writer wrote to Steve Santi, author of several guides on Golden Books and other popular children's books such as Rand McNally, Whitman, and Treasure books. Steve offered little information about the Lolly Pop books other than they were published from about 1948 to 1950. And there are a lot of them! The Writer will never be able to track down, much less afford, all of the Lolly Pops, but she will acquire as many of these cute little books as she can. Here are some sample titles:

Billy Brownie and Spotty
Blue Bird's Story
Bossy The Calf
Bounce The Puppy
Busy Mrs. Bunny and Her Children
The Children Had a Party
Down Near the Rabbit Hole
Happy Holidays
Mrs. Ducks Family
On the Chug Chug Train
Poor, Poor Puffy
They Came to the Farm
Three Little Kittens
Tick Tock The Little Duck
Bobby Had Three Pennies

What a minute . . . that's a photograph. Hasn't The Writer set up her scanner yet?

No, but she's working on it. Well, she took it out of the box. Anyway, there are no good pictures of these little books on the web. (It should be noted that Winchester was locked in the closet during this photo shoot. He thought he was supposed to be in it--for the food, you know.)

I resemble that remark!

You're not supposed to be in this column anyway! Beat it!

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