Friday, September 26, 2008

Poetry Friday - Original

Today The Writer wants to submit an original poem. She rarely writes poetry, but she used to write quite a bit of it when she was a teenager.

It was all the angst-filled stuff, wasn't it?

Yes, she wrote a lot of melancholy poetry about the world coming to an end and so forth. In fact, her earliest published work was poetry. She had a poem published in an anthology at the age of 16. And another poem published in another anthology when she was 18. She was very proud, even though she had to pay for the books, which turned out to be poorly-bound and brimming with the worst poetry imaginable. It was a hard lesson to learn, that a "publisher" will accept any dreck and take people's money.

In one of the anthologies, The Writer discovered a distant cousin. The cousin was elderly and her poem, like so many (including The Writer's) was terrible, but The Writer connected with her and they corresponded for a while. The Writer realized that all those poets had earnest dreams like hers.

This is The Writer's poem for today's Poetry Friday. It may still not be very good, but it is earnest and heartfelt.

"September 2008"

You want to marry a man who grows sunflowers,
who believes the Constitution
constitutes beach reading
and there is life
on other stars.

He should have long-fingered hands
that reach C to C
plus two black keys,
that fix cars and gentle wary cats.

Look for a man who carries a flashlight--
he will never leave you
in the dark.

Find one who works hard
math problems for fun
and skims Radio-Electric Transmission Fundamentals
because it's "good."

Hang on to a man
who holds you tight
through sickness so ugly you can't bear
to stay in this world,
who helps with the dishes,
who always
puts you first.

If you marry a man who grows sunflowers
you can't go wrong.


Tricia said...

This is lovely. Is there an anniversary in the air?

jama said...

Thanks, Writer!! Love your poem. I married a man who grows sunflowers :).

ellsworth said...

The Writer says Thanks, Tricia. No, no anniversary in the air--just a husband who is helping during a very rough time.

Barbara H. said...

Lovely. My dear one has many of the same qualities.

ellsworth said...

Barbara H. and Jama: Yes, some husbands are sunflowers in September, The Writer says. And we are lucky for it.