Thursday, September 4, 2008

Message in the Mountain

There's a new Time Spies book out! We have totally forgotten to mention that Message in the Mountain, the latest Time Spies book, came out this summer.

I didn't forget. I have to wear tiara in that book. I'm a princess at a tea party.

You wear tiaras all the time. So what? Anyway, this book is a very exciting adventure in which the Chapman kids--and me!--go back in time to 1934. They land on top of Mount Rushmore! It's not finished yet. In fact, there is something very wrong with the sculpture of Thomas Jefferson. The Time Spies kids help solve the problem.

That's their job, to solve the mission.

Yeah, but this time I almost bite the dust! A not-so-nice call boy tries to throw me over the side!

What's a call boy?

The sculptor, Gutzon Borglum, had a team of people working on the monument. The carving was mostly done by dynamiting off sections of the granite. Men swung from harness chairs using jackhammers and other tools. They needed to move to another spot, their drill bits needed to be replaced. They couldn't yell loud enough for the guy in the winch house--the man who controlled the lifting and lowering the harness chairs--to hear them. So boys sat on the edge of the monument or hung over the side in harness chairs and relayed messages. They also delivered sharp drill bits.

I'm still mad that you got to have an exciting adventure and all I get to do is pretend to drink air tea. I think I'll sue The Writer.

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