Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to School

Winchester! Hurry up or you'll miss the bus. It's the first day of school! Aren't you excited? We have matching bookbags.

Is that what that thing is around my neck? I thought I turned into a Saint Bernard.
I'm in first grade. You're in catergarten--again.
Can I help it I like the snacks? And we get to take naps.

My lunch is packed and I have all my school supplies. Best of all, I have new school books. Don't school books smell wonderful? They smell like crisp fall mornings and new words and new ideas and new beginnings . . .

You got all that out of one sniff?

My favorite subjects are reading and spelling. What're yours?

Lunch and recess.

Here comes the bus!

Wait! I don't want to go to school! I'm smart enough. I want my mommy!

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