Friday, August 8, 2008

Winchester's Greatest Fear

. . . he fears this more than anything--more than the Mop in the Closet, more than going to the vet, more than being put in a cat carrier. Winchester is deathly afraid of...thunder!

I see you under here. Come out. It's not even a real thunderstorm. Just a few grumbles.

That noise is made by the great big Cat Giant who comes down out of the sky to gobble up highly intelligent black and white cats.

Anybody who believes that drivel is hardly intelligent. There is no Cat Giant! It's thunder! A noise made by the collision of hot and cold air.

The Cat Giant made up that hot and cold air stuff to throw everybody off the scent. You fell for it but I'm too smart. Oh! He's getting closer!

Don't get yourself in a state. The Writer just put out your food. I know you're hungry.

That's the worst thing I could do! The Cat Giant can see through house roofs. He looks for highly intelligent black and white cats eating supper. He swoops down and grabs them in his wicked claws.

Stay here with your silly notions then. I'm going to eat my supper.

Will you bring me a tiny little piece of kibble? The Cat Giant can't see through the ottoman.

1 comment:

Becky said...

I know just how he feels. I too am irrationally afraid of thunder.