Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Where is The Writer?

All right, she's been back from Hollins for weeks. But this blog has been pitifully neglected. Where is The Writer?

The Writer is a bit under the weather. Her doctor told her to rest. So The Writer has cut back on her work schedule.

Rest? If she rested any more, she'd be in a coma!

And she took a little trip--

To Alcatraz? Is she behind bars?

--to Colonial Beach, a little town on the Potomac River. She stayed in the famous Bell House bed and breakfast and read and ate fabulous breakfasts and walked along the river. She watched eagles and ospreys and saw a Great Blue heron and a cormorant get into a fight (the cormorant started it).

The Writer's favorite place is the widow's walk where Alexander Graham Bell and his father Melville Bell (who bought the house as a summer place) flew kites for scientific experiments. The widow's walk is on the third floor of the old house. The Writer sits up there and reads and even eats lunch.

We'll be back in full blog swing after Labor Day. The Writer is planning a new column, just for me.

I may not be around. I'm suffering from exhaustion. The vet has ordered me to rest.

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