Monday, June 9, 2008

Writing Monday: Secret Gardens

As The Writer works on her lesson plans for Hollins, she has been thinking about her student's work and her own. Writers have a funny habit of "saving" projects. The Writer does it herself. She gets an idea--maybe the most wonderful idea ever--but thinks she's not ready for it. She's not good enough to write it, or confident enough. She has too much work. She's busy traveling. She has to clean the house.

Yes, the seed of a wonderful new idea needs time to grow once it's sprouted. But if too much time passes, wonderful new ideas can wither. The Writer has found a way to keep those ideas growing. Think of a secret hiding place: it can be a treehouse or a secret room or a little house of your own. Now surround your secret hiding place with a garden. Imagine all your favorite flowers and bushes and trees. Go into your secret hiding place within your secret garden and work on your wonderful new idea. The secret hiding place and garden are always there, in your head. No one else can go there. And the only project you work on there is that new idea.

Take your private place wherever you go. Take it with you this summer on vacation or simply spending lazy days in the back yard. Go there and tend to your wonderful new idea.

This will be my and The Writer's last Writing Monday post until August. But Winchester and I will be blogging the rest of the week.

Don't bet the farm on it.


Pyewacket said...

I like it, Candice. What a great way to keep the seeds alive! Of course, if I make my secret garden toooo special, then I won't be able to go there because I'm not good enough, ready enough, clean enough, etc. Sigh.

ellsworth said...

That's the whole point, The Writer says. Your secret place is the only place where you are always good enough, ready enough, and if you're dirty, who cares?