Friday, June 6, 2008

Winchester's Revenge

Ellsworth and The Writer are upstairs packing. They think they're so smart, running off to the mountains this summer. I hear the campus at Hollins University is really pretty, with lots of birds and other stuff to catch.

This is all The Writer's fault. If she wasn't going away this summer, Ellsworth would stay home with me. I have get back at her. What can I do that gets on her nerves? She always says she has one nerve left and I'm plucking it. How can I send her over the edge?

Hmmm. The stairs are my good scratching post. I have other digging spots, but the stairs are the best. Thirteen steps with nice carpeting. I've scratched some of the steps down to the bare wood. It's some of my finest work. The Writer throws a fit when she hears me make the tiniest little dig. She practically has a stroke.

I think I'll go on a real scratching binge. I'll dig and claw and rip until the all the stairs are in shreds! That'll show her!

Claws unsheathed. . . let the shredding begin!

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