Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ellsworth Continues to Pack for Hollins U

Let's see...
camera. Check. Bun-bun. Check. Teddy. Check.

What are you doing?

What does it look like? I'm packing my toys to take to Hollins. Where was I? Blankie. Bun-bun's bed. Hard plastic doll The Writer thinks I like? Nah.

I thought you'd changed your mind.

I never said I wasn't going. The Writer is an associate professor. That makes me--an assistant associate professor.

I think you're letting this whole thing go to your cotton-stuffed head. Obviously loyalty doesn't count.

It's business, Winchester. Strictly business. Something you'd never understand. Bun-bun's carry case . . . pillow . . .

I understand you're not my best friend anymore. Don't expect me to throw you a going-away party.


TamraW said...

Aw! Poor Winchester.

Ellsworth, isn't there anything you can do for him??

do you think he'll go on a hunger strike?

ellsworth said...

He tried a hunger strike once. No, he'll think of some other way to torment me.