Friday, June 13, 2008

Ellsworth Changes Her Mind

Winchester, you came down from the bookcase.

I was getting a nosebleed up there. I see you're still packing.

Just a few last minute things--my backpack, another teddy bear. You can't have too many teddy bears.

So you're really going through with it. Leave me the whole summer.

All summer is a long time, now that I think of it. What if there's nobody my age at Hollins University?

Or your size. Probably no students eight inches tall.

I bet the desks are too big.

And the chairs.

You're right. I won't have anybody to give me a boost. The Writer will be too busy. Well, if I can't sit in the chairs, I'm not going!

You're not?

I'm staying right here. With you!

Really? You're really staying home?

Yes, now help me unpack.

Right after we play Mousie.

Goodbye, everybody! See you in August!


TamraW said...

Oh, I hope the writer has a fabulous time!!

See you all in August!

ellsworth said...

Shhh. Don't tell The Writer but we are on her husband's computer.
Thanks, Tami! We're sure she'll have a nice time too.

Not me, W