Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Case of the Missing Scratching Post

Yawn. That was a great nap. Guess I'll go dig the stairs some more. They're just about ruined. The Writer has yelled at me so much, she's hoarse. Hee-hee. Just what she deserves.

Wha?? What happened? Where's the carpet? The stairs are all wood! How long was I asleep? The Writer! She did this. She took away my lovely shredded carpet and replaced it with this horrible hard wood. My nice big scratching post is gone!

First The Writer is leaving to teach school and Ellsworth is going with her. Now she's taken away my stairs. That tears it. That's the feather that broke the cat's back! That's the bell on the collar!

I'll show her! I'll show them all!


Pyewacket said...

Poor Winchester! That mean, mean Writer shouldn't oughta have done it to you. Pee in her plants!

ellsworth said...

If he pees on her new wood steps, he will be in Big Big Trouble.