Monday, May 19, 2008

Writing Mond--Winchester Nearly Starves to Death!

I hope The Writer had a good time! She left me for three whole days without food! I'm so weak I can't even move.

Winchester! This is Writing Monday! You aren't supposed to be here.

I'm hijacking this blog. I have to let the world know how I'm being mistreated. This blog is my lifeline to the world. Let everyone see how much weight I've lost.

Oh, for heaven's sake. That's an old picture, before you gained a ton. And before the The Writer left for graduation she gave you enough food and water for a week. Any normal cat would still have had food when The Writer got home last night. But you scarfed every crumb before The Writer had pulled out of the driveway last Friday.

Any and all donations greatly appreciated. I'm particularly fond of Meow Mix but any food will do. Please . . . .


Becky said...

Poor Winchester!

ellsworth said...

Don't pay any attention to the big faker!