Friday, May 9, 2008

The Writer's Mother's Day

Mother's Day is Sunday. We're fixing The Writer a special breakfast tray so she can eat in bed.

I love it when The Writer is sick and her husband brings her food to eat in bed! Something always drops on the covers and guess who's there to snick it up? Of course, I don't like her to be too sick. A lot of coughing and hacking jostles the bed and keeps me awake--

Will you pay attention! This is about The Writer, not about you! Now, the perfect Mother's Day breakfast tray has these essential items. A flower in a vase.


A picture of her mother to make her feel cherished. One of her favorite books.

Check. Check.

The tea set. A fancy cloth. And a homemade Mother's Day card.

Check. Check. Check. I noticed you drew yourself better than you drew me. Next year I get to make the card.

Now for the food. I bought Butterscotch Krimpets because The Writer loves them.

And I bought havarti cheese because The Writer probably likes it.

Havarti cheese! Whoever heard of havarti cheese on a Mother's Day breakfast tray?

It's better than the sweet rolls you got--The Writer will go into a sugar coma. At least the cheese will give her much-needed protein.

I think you bought the cheese because you like it.

Maybe I should sample a little corner. Just to make sure the cheese has reached room temperature and its full-bodied flavor.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

This post is dedicated to Matt Murray


zoobaloogle said...

I'm glad you consider yourself a mother. So refreshing. It's very true! I've heard several times this weekend that Eve was called the mother of all living before she had any children.

ellsworth said...

Anyone who has to has to feed, clean up after, and tuck into bed at night cats, dogs, birds, even salamanders is a mother!