Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Winchester Takes A Bawth

Heeheehee! Look at you! You're all wet!

Very funny. Not. I don't know what happened. One minute I was taking a nap in The Writer's husband's chair and the next minute somebody slapped a wet towel on me.

You needed a bath. The Writer had a serious allergy attack the other night. She almost had to go to the emergency room. She says she's allergic to you.

I'm allergic to her! And who ever heard of using wet towels to give a bath anyway?

That's because she tried to give you an ordinary bath once before and you clawed the shower curtain. You'll dry soon and then you'll be nice and fluffy and dander-free.

I'm never going to forget this. When The Writer least expects it, I'll pay her back. If I have to lie, cheat, steal, as Bast as my witness, I'll never take another bath again!

That was Winchester O'Hara, being overly dramatic as always.

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stacer said...

You start 'em when they're kittens, and they don't mind the baths so much. Well... that's not true. Mogget minds, and Tildrum *definitely* feels the royal humiliation of bathing, but they both know that it will only end in them getting wet.

However, I have found some new cat-wipes that are like baby wipes that are nice for the interim when you can't find the time to get them in the bath. And wet towels/wet washcloths are another way I keep the kitties clean. Thus every time I approach them with something like a cloth in my hand, they head for the hills. :)