Thursday, May 1, 2008

What The Writer Is Reading

Where is breakfast? I've been waiting in front of the kibble cupboard for thirty minutes!

The Writer is reading her new book. She can't put it down.

What's so good she can't tear herself away to feed me?

It's called Minders of Make-Believe by Leonard Marcus. He has the job The Writer says she wants--"American children's book world's leading historian."

Dream on!

Anyway, this book is about the first children's book editors and librarians specializing in children's services and how the Newbery medal got started. And it's about the ground-breaking books published since American children's book publishing began 300 years ago. The Writer really likes the part about the 1920s, when everyone got really excited about children's books and were pioneers in the industry. The Writer thinks all the good stuff was done back then and there aren't any new areas in children's books to explore. Winchester? Winchester!

Wha?? Oh! Guess I drifted into a coma from lack of food.

I hear The Writing coming to fill your grubby old bowl. You have no finer sensibilities, you know that?

I resemble that remark!

The Writer is going to have dinner with Leonard Marcus next month. She'll get her book signed and she'll probably try to talk him out of his job so she can become the world's leading expert in the history of American children's books.

Poor man. Somebody should warn him.

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