Thursday, May 8, 2008

Back from Atlanta

Get up! Guess who's home?

[yawn] Oh. It's what's-her-name.

The Writer has only been gone four days, Winchester. I know you remember her. She worked hard at the International Reading Association convention. Be a little appreciative.

Yeah, it's hard work going out to fancy dinners every night . . . I heard her talking to her husband. She had crab and barbequed chicken and fried chicken and pecan pie and apple tart . . . a real tough job waddling away from the table.

She did more than eat. Anyway, she had to keep her strength up. Do you know she had three signings and they kept running out of books? Her publisher had to ship books overnight so there'd be some for the next day's signing. Everyone seemed excited over the Time Spies Mission Handbook. And did you see somebody drew my picture on the sign announcing the autographing?

I noticed nobody drew my picture. Next time I'm going to the convention. It's time people met the real star.

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