Monday, April 28, 2008

Writing Monday: Poetry Month

Wha??? Is that The Writer I hear tapping on the computer?

Yes, she's back at work after being sick and being gone on school visits and having computer troubles. Her computer is still kaflooey but she's getting a new one soon.

April is almost over and The Writer wished she had celebrated Poetry Month. She hasn't written any poetry but her husband has. He's been composing poetry on the refrigerator, switching the word magnets around to create cool poems, like this one:

A nest
an aerie
an egg
from which
sweet songs
bright life
our house

The Writer made her husband a book and she is writing his poems in it. Here is the latest poem from the refrigerator. If you look really close, you'll see The Writer has drawn a teeny tiny nest on top of the "H" in "house," with a teensy weensy little bird singing. Isn't that cute?

I think The Writer is slipping, myself.

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