Monday, April 14, 2008

Writing Monday: Personal Experiences

The Writer is finally back after being sick. And she is ready to resume her spot in Blogland.


Because it's Writing Monday, The Writer wants to talk about personal experience pieces. These are essays or articles based on life experiences. When The Writer was trying to get published, she discovered a lot of small magazines bought personal experiences regularly. And those little essays aren't hard to write.

Because The Writer was always aimed toward a career in children's books, she wrote pieces about her childhood or teenage years and submitted them to small religious magazines, parenting magazines, and women's and homemaking magazines. The Writer always suggests to beginning writers to start with these pieces--the material is already there, waiting to be crafted.

The Writer still writes personal experience pieces, though not as often. She recently sold an essay about redecorating her powder room to Creative Home magazine (and is thrilled to have an article in a magazine she can buy at the grocery store). She wrote a very personal piece for this month's issue of The Edge of the Forest, the online children's literature journal. "Fairy Tale in the Forest" is one of her favorite pieces.

Most of the book reviews The Writer writes for her column in The Edge of the Forest, A Backward Glance, are wrapped in personal experience. There are many outlets for personal experiences. Search them out, The Writer advises, and start writing!

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