Thursday, April 3, 2008

Winchester Has an Earache

What's with you? You keep shaking your head and scratching at your ear. Do you have fleas?

I do not have fleas! If I did I got them from you.

You can't get fleas from a stuffed animal. How come you're so grouchy?

My ear is bothering me. Every time I see The Writer I try to straighten up and look perky, but this ear just flops over.

You remind me of a Scottish fold. You know, that breed of cat with their ears folded over? The Writer's husband has always wanted one, ever since he saw the Baker and Taylor cats on the shopping bags The Writer brings back from Book Expo--

Will you stop blathering!! My ear is killing me!

You'll feel better tomorrow. The Writer is taking you to the vet. I heard her make the appointment.

No! Anything but that!! The thermometer!!!!!!!!

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