Saturday, April 5, 2008

Winchester Goes to the Vet

You don't look any worse for the wear. I heard the struggle in the laundry room. It took The Writer and The Writer's husband 30 minutes to get you in the cat carrier. The Writer said she'd never seen a cat with 8 legs before.

Darn tootin.' I wasn't going without a fight.

It wasn't that bad when you were at the vet's.

It was horrible! First they weighed me--

--but you'd lost a half a pound! The Writer is deeply envious of that. She hasn't lost an ounce.

I lost weight from being nervous in the waiting room. It was full of police dogs and mean-looking cats. The vet looked in each of my ears and put something in them. Then I got a shot in the butt!

That was to keep you from getting rabies. The Writer said there was nothing wrong with you by the time you got to the vet's. Your earache miraculously cured itself. But she is sick. She begged the vet to let her lie down on the table and look in her ear.

The Writer needs to get better so she is taking a week off from the blog. I'm going to fix some chicken soup for her now.

Make double for me. I'm feeling kind of peaked after that trying incident . . .


TamraW said...

Oh, I hope the writer gets well soon!

Ellsworth and Winchester . . . give her lots of soup, and make her lay on the couch and rest. There's some horrible, horrible flu bugs going around right now.

stacer said...

Feel better, both of you! I know the feeling--I have been sick for almost a week myself. Thankfully I'm on the mending side, though I still have a cough that keeps me up at night. Get well soon!

ellsworth said...

Tami: The Writer doesn't have the flu. Just some horrible sinus thing that is very noisy. Winchester is complaining that he can't nap when she is around for all the throat-clearing and nose-blowing.

ellsworth said...

Stacy: It's all around this area, too. The Writer makes so much racket at night, coughing and snoring, her husband is about to make her sleep on the roof. You and she will get better about the same time, we hope!