Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ellsworth Writes Her Memoirs

Hi. Whatcha doing?

I'm trying to work, alone. What are you doing in my private study?

Private study? This is the kitchen. In front of the pantry. You're in my spot. So what's the big secret project?

If you must know, I'm writing a book.

Hey, I wrote a book! It's called The Great Catsby and it's about--

My book is a memoir. The Writer wrote a book about her life and now I'm going to. The title is Ellsworth Elephant Is Not a Boy.

[Winchester falls over laughing] Is this an April Fool's joke? Who do you think will read a book like that?

Will you please leave my private study? You're disturbing the Muse.


TamraW said...

AWWW! Ellsworth, I think you need to ask The Writer for your own writing space. Something with a little desk, and a window.

Please tell the Writer how excited I am to see her newest Time Spies book is out!

ellsworth said...

It wouldn't matter if I had my office on the roof. Winchester would find me. The Writer says there is always a little face looking at her, no matter where she goes in the house.

We're excited about the new book too!