Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ellsworth Goes Through Her Photographs

Now whatcha doing?

Honestly, Winchester, can't I have a shred of privacy in this house?

You're sitting in the hall. What am I supposed to do, go outside to get to my litter box?

If you must know, I'm going through old photographs to jog memories for my memoir. See, here's a picture of me with Elaine. She was a little bear owned by The Writer's friend across the highway.

Highway? The Writer sounds like she lived on Little House on the Prairie or something.

Elaine and I were good friends. I wonder what's happened to her now? The rest are pictures of The Writer.

Who's that cat The Writer is holding in that other picture?

That was her favorite cat, Blackie. Blackie used to sleep in a doll bassinette. The Writer had lots of other cats before you, you know. I knew them all. Oliver, Half-Pint, Pyewackit, Whiskers--

What about this Blackie? Was she as smart as me? Did she wear hats?

Yes, she did. She had a little black velvet hat trimmed with white fur. A friend of The Writer's mother made it for Blackie. Among her keepsakes The Writer has Blackie's pink and blue pop-bead collar, her i.d. tag, and a lock of her fur . . . Winchester? Don't go off in a pout!


Becky said...

Very fun. I hope Ellsworth keeps working on her memoirs. :)

ellsworth said...

I will if a certain large black cat will leave me alone!

TamraW said...

Awww! The writer was so cute! And she still is!

Ellsworth, you look as if you haven't aged at all.