Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ellsworth Can't Hide

Ellie! Oh, Elll-ie! Where are youuuu?

Oh, for trunk's sake. That cat is coming to pester me again. I will never get my memoir written.

There you are! What are you doing way up there?

I'm trying to work on my book.

On top of the water heater? Boy, you find some weird places to work. [Jumps up.] Ommpf. Hey, it's kind of neat up here!

Now I know why The Writer says she never has any peace and quiet.

This would be a great place to play Mousie Hockey. We can smack the Mousie around this nice shiny round top. Will you go get Mousie for me?


stacer said...

Mogget prefers Mouse Toss. He catches and releases, he swears.

ellsworth said...

Winchester wants to challenge Mogget in a Mousie Tournament--let the Iron Cat Games begin!