Friday, April 18, 2008

Computer Woes

Why is The Writer yelling so much in her office? She's interrupting my nap.

She has computer problems again. Apparently the virus she had a while back didn't really go away.

Oh, no. I feel kind of sick myself . . .

You're not catching the computer virus again! I'm not going to be your nurse after last time. The Writer's husband will order her a new computer soon. Meanwhile, expect a lot of yelling.

I hope the new computer doesn't cost much. It won't cut into my kibble expenses, will it?

Next week The Writer will be away on school visits. So we'll be back soon!


TamraW said...

Oh! The poor, poor writer! She can't live without her computer . . .

Alex's computer crashed two weeks ago and it was still under warranty. She had to pack it up and ship it back to the company. They were wonderful though. Alex had her lifeline back inside of a week.

stacer said...

Well, when you come back you'll have to see the Noah's Ark kitty parade over at my blog. Mogget shares in Winchester's semi-patience if only for the reward of treats. Tildrum, on the other hand... he could do without the whole business.