Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back to the Memoir

Let me see . . . Great-aunt Lily married John Sager. Their daughter became The Writer's grandmother and she--

Whatcha doin' in the broom closet?

Trying to work! Is no place sacred? Can a writer ever find a hideaway from nosy cats?

It's the broom closet. Not a temple on a mountaintop in Tibet. You didn't tell me what you're doing.

Reading old letters and journals. This is research for my memoir, which as you know is called Ellsworth Elephant Is Not a Boy--

Uh-huh. This isn't just a broom closet, you know. The Writer keeps buckets of kibble in here. In fact, you're sitting on one.

I suppose you want me to open it?

If it's not too much trouble. But watch out for the mop. It's a killer.

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