Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April Carnival of Children's Literature: Children's Lit Societies

The club meeting is about to come to order. Only bloggers interested in children's literature allowed. If you want to come in the clubhouse, say the password.


Wrong. While you think about the password, I'll think about what kind of club we should have. Becky at Becky's Book Reviews came up with the neatest idea. Her club is based on one of the most famous little sisters ever. The club has a theme song and cool activities like brick smashing! Go straight to her fort to become a member in good standing. Fun guaranteed, bunny ears optional.

I'm through wearing bunny ears. It's bad enough I have to wear this stupid beanie. Is "tuna fish" the password?

Nope. Preschoolers reign with the Queen of Country Music. Diary from England reports on an awesome club that delivers books to young children. Vanilla Joy reviews a preschool book that features kisses! That's better than a secret handshake. A Wrung Sponge discusses similarities between two books involving hares. And at Make a Difference, you'll find peachy-keen activities with Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Little kids are really into the club scene.

I'm a Very Hungry Cat. Does that count? Can I come in now?

Not until you give the right password. You don't need a password to get into The Library Collective--just show up Every Friday and you're automatically a member. Throw a ball, drop a fishing line, or take a hike to qualify for Kakie Fitzsimmons' club. In other words, act like a kid!

The Writer says I act like a two-year-old. Salmon?

Way off base. Some clubs are fan clubs, you know. Barbara Beitz talks to Sid Fleischman, a famous author and a magician. The fifth graders at Read Read Read have voted author Barbara O'Conner as club president for best read-aloud.

The Writer met Barbara O'Conner once. They shook hands and then The Writer touched me. If I give you the secret paw shake can I come in?

Not until you say the magic word. The paw shake might do you some good at The Reading Tub where summer book clubs are all the rage. Check out the swell rules!

Jules at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast has started a club of, well, just her. And the fabulous illustrators she interviews. Head on over to the Seven Imp Clubhouse to meet members Jeremy Tankard and Lauren Castillo.

Mousie? Is that the password?

As if. The most exclusive club of all is up in Jen Robinson's treehouse where she talks about a child discovering the Just-Right book. That boy will have a lifetime membership!

I'm getting weak from longing. Are you sure you won't let me in?

What's that noise? Must be the wind. The Writer's friend Connie, who is working hard to get her own children's lit blog up and running, is forming a William Steig Magic Pebble Club. Members meet every spring and picnic at some rocky spot. After lunch they hunt for pebbles. The code word is "hee-haw" and everyone wears donkey ears.

That's worse than bunny ears! Hee-haw! Is that our password?

Do you think we'd use someone else's password?

Okay, I give up. What's the password!



Becky said...

Thanks for hosting!!! It looks wonderful :)


What a lovely carnival! I'm honored to be included!



Kakie said...

Nice work. It made me feel like a kid again, forts, passwords and all! It was a fun read.

Warmest regards to you,
----Kakie Fitzsimmons
Author - Bur Bur and Friends children's book series

Multicultural characters educating kids about sports, outdoor exploration and active play. :)

ellsworth said...

Thanks, everybody. It was fun for me and Winchester! But The Writer had a little trouble (well, a lot) doing the post. She's lying in a dark room with a cold cloth on her head.

Jules at 7-Imp said...

Very nice, though I'm sorry I never got around to that reminder post. Yeesh.

-- Jules, 7-Imp

Kakie said...

Tell the writer to come over to my house to play hide and seek with my friends. When she is done, tell her to stop and wait for the music to play. That should help her feel better. :)


TamraW said...

When the writer is feeling better, please tell her I said it was a great post with lots of cool links!

Megan Germano said...

GREAT JOB! I loved it!

Kelly said...

Wonderful job, writer! I wish I had remembered to submit :)

ellsworth said...

Winchester and me had to keep The Writer from submitting a bunch of kid lit societies. I had to reminder that employees of Ellsworth's Journal are not eligible.

ellsworth said...

Jules and Megan: Thanks for participating! Thanks to everyone for sending posts. The Writer was afraid she'd throw this party and no one would show up.

ellsworth said...

Tami: We're on our own today. The Writer is still cloistered and can't be disturbed. Winchester and me will put up the blog all by ourselves.

ellsworth said...

Kakie: We're inviting The Writer over our clubhouse. Maybe that will make her feel better. She was never good at games. Last to be picked, first to be tagged out.

ellsworth said...

Winchester, did you notice that none of The Writer's responses follow the person's comment? We really must give her lessons on how to do this stuff.

Constance Van Hoven said...

The writer's friend wants the writer to come to the first Magic Pebble Club picnic in Oatsdale (Minnesota) in May when "the snows melt and the earth warms up in the spring sun and things bud and flowers show their young faces."
The writer's friend will make alfalfa sandwiches and sassafras salad for lunch.

ellsworth said...

The Writer is ready to go! Lunch sounds lovely if you include some lemon bars. The Writer is trying to give up sugar, but a lemon bar wouldn't derail her too much.

Terry said...

Ellsworth, please make sure you let The Writer that her carnival was purr-fect!

Tricia said...

You must tell the Writer what a wonderful job she's done. I missed out for the second month in a row, though this month I can plead poetry insanity. I suppose I could have started a poetry club. Oh well ...

ellsworth said...

Terry: Winchester is very pleased to have a comment referencing his part in the post!

Tricia: What better way to spend April than reading and writing poetry!