Monday, March 10, 2008

Writing Monday: Spring Break

The Writer believes her writing is fresher when she writes poetry. She feels especially inspired to write poetry in the spring. The sight of a bluebird sitting on a mailbox post, the pear trees on the verge of bursting into blossom, the silvery jingle of the first peepers--all these send The Writer to her notebook.

The Writer also believes anyone can write poetry. She bought a Magnetic Poetry Kit for the kitchen. One morning she came downstairs and found this on the front of the refrigerator:




The Writer was amazed. Her husband wrote that! He claims he doesn't have a poetic bone in his body, but he does! So get one of those poetry sets, sprinkle the words on the refrigerator, and stand back. Poetry will happen!

Actually, it wasn't The Writer's husband who wrote that poem. I did.


TamraW said...

Alex loves her magnetic poetry kit. We bought one for her little college fridge.

I have a feeling not everything written with it is pretty little poetry though.

ellsworth said...

The Writer says the refrigerator at Hollins U didn't exactly have poetry on it either.