Monday, March 24, 2008

Writing Monday: Showing Up

Here we are, at The Writer's computer.

Nothin' much happening. She's just sitting there.

That's the whole point, Winchester. The Writer has shown up for work. Today she's not feeling particularly inspired--

She's probably got a chocolate hangover. Did you count how many times she dipped into her Easter basket yesterday? She practically wore a groove in the floor from her office to the living room.

--and she's tired. But she's here because it's her job. The Writer knows from long practice that even if she's tired or the weather is crummy or the house needs cleaning and the laundry is piling up and there is nothing for dinner, she goes to her computer and works. She writes something. In his book Creativity for Life, Eric Maisel talks about self-direction:

You and you alone guide your creativity practice and your life in art. You learn from others but you make your own decisions.

And so she sits at her computer. As Virginia Cartwright says in Maisel's book: "I say to myself, Just give it another hour. Just plod along, one foot in front of the other.' And then six months later I see it's a beautiful piece." That's all you have to do. Just show up.

If you ask me, The Writer's time would be better spent brushing me. My fur is a mess.

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